Friction Tester Type RPG compliant to ISO 8295
Application: Determination of friction behavior of packaging material, plastic foils etc.
Principle: The tester serves to test the friction behavior of two samples moving relatively to each other. The test can be conducted in accordance with ISO 8295 (test of plastic foils, determination of friction behavior). It is used for quality assurance purposes.
For a test the lower specimen, e.g. a metal plate, is mounted on the measurement slider. A jig connected to the force measuring unit holds the the upper specimen. By means of a dead weight the contact pressure is generated. During the measurement the slider is moving against the resistance of the friction pairing at a velocity of 100 mm/min. The measured value of the friction force is contineously monitored. The sliding distance is about 60 mm. The advance velocity can be set ranging from 5 – 300 mm / min prior to the measurement by means of the software.
The friction tester is equipped with a 5 N friction force sensor connected via an amplifier and an USB interface to a computer. The software works with an USB module, providing a resolution of 12 bit.
The slider can be optionally equipped with a heating plate for temperatures up to 80°C connected from below. The power supply is 230VAC +/-10% (50Hz).
Scope of supply:
Friction force sensor 5 N
Dead weight 200 gr
Basic tester with electronical amplifier, measurement slider and advance unit
Software runs under Windows 2k, XP, including USB interface.
Heating plate up to 80°C.
Friction Tester Type RPG compliant to ISO 8295

简要介绍:用于包装材料、塑料薄片等材料的摩擦性能判定。 在测量期间,具有摩擦力的滑块以100mm/min的速度移动。这个摩擦力测量值可以被实时监控,滑行距离大概是60mm,滑行速度可以通过电脑软件预先设置,范围是5 – 300 mm / min之间。摩擦仪是由一个带有5N传感器并且通过一个放大器和一个USB与电脑连接的设备。软件与USB模块通过12bit协议工作。 滑块能任意安装,底部连接温度可以加热至80°C的加热板.
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